About us

LVR Studio was established in 2006. Initially the main activity of the studio was web-development. The company has a large experience in making different internet-content and browser games. Successful examples are space strategy The EVO. The EVO 2. Age of Wars.

From 2007 LVR Studio is dealing with web-design and development of sites of any complexity. At the same time new technologies are being studied and the staff widens.

From 2010 the Studio is dealing with development and porting of games for mobile platforms. The special emphasis is laid on “3 in row” genre games and also on arcades and “runners”. The development is being done on Android, IOS and Windows Phone.

In 2012 LVR Studio widens its activity field. Additionally the company is dealing with game-design, UX/UI-design, testing of games and also with writing and correction of texts.

Starting from 2014 the studio is working on the development of large projects on slides Unreal Engine 4, CryEngine and Unity3D. Development is being done in the genre Survival, MMO, RPG, Shooter to following platforms: Windows/Mac, Xbox/Playstation, Android/IOS.

From 2015 the company started the work in the field of VR-content. At full speed creation of games and attractions for Oculus Rift is going on in virtual reality format. Also assistance and consultations are given in this field. Except development LVR Studio is occupied with training of young specialists on directions UE4, CryEngine, Unity3D.